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Chin Augmentation Procedure Fort Lauderdale

On profile, an aesthetic chin should project to about the level of the lips and have a height of about 2/3rds the height of the upper lip.

Many patients who have a chin implant usually present complaining about a big nose or poorly defined neck. Weaker chins or chins that do project far can exaggerate a prominent nose or a neck without a favorable angle. As a result, optimal treatment for the patients main concern may include chin augmentation. Candidates undergoing neck firming procedures may use the same incisions to place the implant. For patients not undergoing a neck procedure, they may have an implant placed thru the mouth.

Chin Augmentation Results Fort Lauderdale
Chin Augmentation Results Fort Lauderdale

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Chin Augmentation Cost

The total cost of chin augmentation surgery is determined based on factors like your medical examinations, surgeon’s fee, hospital charges, post-surgery garments, and anesthesia. The exact techniques used will also impact cost, as will the total time needed to perform the surgery.

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