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The brow and forehead have an enormous impact on expression and should be evaluated in any patient wishing to look younger or more awake, alert, and pleasant. The youthful brow is full with non-redundant, taut, smooth skin. If you look at fashion magazines, you’ll notice that a higher position of the tail of the brow(lateral) compared to the head of the brow(in center) is prevalent and associated with a more refined look and younger look.

As the brow ages, the brow loses fullness and starts to fall. As we lose facial fat during normal aging, the bones in our face, especially around our eyes, become more evident. Also, the tail of the brow starts to drop and increased skin excess and wrinkle formation in the area outside the eye, sometimes referred to as crow’s feet, become more noticeable.

As with the lower eyelid, there are multiple options to address the specific causes of the aged upper brow. Treatment can range from simple office-based procedures with no inconvenience to more involved surgical correction using advanced techniques such as an endoscopic brow lift, volume replacement with fat injections or laser resurfacing.

As a specialist among specialist, with a particular research and surgical interest with improving brow and eyes, Dr Rodriguez insight will help determine which is the right procedure for you.

Eye Brow & Forehead Enhancement
Eye Brow & Forehead Enhancement

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