Breast Augmentation

Being the most common procedure performed in 2012, breast augmentation is popular for various reasons. Whether you are trying to add balance to your figure or just enhance aspects of the bust such as size, cleavage, or asymmetry, breast augmentation offers patients both predictable and reliable results.

Whether you want a subtle difference or to stop traffic, communication is key in helping us make the proper decisions leaving you with the most incredible look. Factors to consider are approach, implant type, size, and profile.

There are 4 common approaches used. The simplest and most direct technique’s are either the periareolar( or around the nipple) or infra mammary( or just above the lower breast crease). While these incisions can heal and hide very well, there are more advanced techniques such as the transaxillary ( or thru the armpit) or transumbilical ( or via the belly button) which results in zero scars on the breast while providing the same implant options.

As far as type, the decision is really silicone versus saline. While both types have their pro’s and con’s, the major difference is softness. Now the most well studied device in the history of the FDA, the safety and longevity of all implants is more than reliable and has an excellent guarantee from the manufacturers. While both implant types have little differences in their final appearance, silicone implants are by far softer and feel more natural.

Finally, the final size and contour of the breast are impacted by both the size and profile of the implant. Size refers to the liquid amount or ‘cc’s’ as commonly referred to. While final size is difficult to determine, usually every increase in volume by 150 to 200 cc’s results in an increase in one cup size. Profile options, ranging from low to super high, will help determine final diameter of the implant as well as projection of the implant off the chest wall.

As we go thru the consultation and discuss specifically your goals and expectations, these decisions will become more evident.

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