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With the eyes making a significant contribution to an individual’s facial aesthetics including appearing alert and youthful, it is also one of the first regions to demonstrate aging resulting in a more tired appearance. Surgery of the eyelids, otherwise known as ‘blepharoplasty’, can have a significant positive affect on one’s appearance and is one of the most common surgeries performed in the world. Due to the complexity of structures, the number of changes associated with the aging process, and the impact the eyes make on facial esthetics, a comprehensive and detailed pre-operative evaluation is necessary by an experienced surgeon with an artistic appreciation.

Upper Eyelid

The youthful upper eyelid appears open and full of life! The brow and upper eyelid are both full and taught with no wrinkles and just a little show of your upper eyelid so one can see their eye shadow.

As we age and lose collagen which results in increased laxity and redundant skin, leading to wrinkle formation. Additionally, with thickening and loss of tone of muscles around the eye, the eyes appear heavier. Finally, much like a balloon that loses air, there is a volume loss as we age from fat loss…have you ever noticed that heavier people look younger than skinnier people? Or that if you lose a lot of weight in your later years you look older and more taught?

Because aging occurs 3-dimensially from the core to the skin, rejuvenation procedures should address as many of the aged layers as possible.

The upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) addresses lose skin, excess muscle, and displaced fat leaving patients looking more awake and alert. For patients with significant enough aging, this procedure can also improve limitations of vision as a result of the excess skin. As with all the facial rejuvenation procedures of the face, this procedure can be performed under local anesthesia and patients are sent home the same day with an easy recovery of less than a week in most cases.

Lower Eyelid

The youthful lower eyelid is one that is not obvious. It has a short height due to a full cheek, otherwise known as a high cheek bone, and has no obvious fat bags or skin wrinkles.

Beginning as early as the third decade of life and even more noticeable after significant weight loss, there are volume changes in both the lower eyelid and the cheek. A little different than the upper eye, fat gets displaced or ‘herniated’ as barriers weaken with aging associated with a puffy appearance. Contributing to the appearance of the fat bag is the loss of volume in the upper cheek – much like a balloon loses air and looks looser, volume loss or an already low cheek bone can make someone look older and more tired. In addition to these volume changes, skin wrinkles will gradually worsen with decreasing skin collagen content.

Addressing the lower eyelid begins with a thorough evaluation. First, we determine the severity of the lower eyelid fat bags, upper cheek volume loss, and eyelid skin laxity. Then treatment options will focus on correcting those specific problems and restoring a natural, more youthful appearance of the lower eyelid.

The lower eyelid lift or blepharoplasty has some variations and options in treatment to help optimize results and minimize downtime. Improvement can be achieved with surgical correction of the skin and fat bags. Another option is an in-office procedure laser resurfacing and volume enhancement with fillers. Recovery varies and is dependent on the treatment option chosen.

Eyelid Lift
Eyelid Lift

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