Sub-Pectoral Breast Implants — Fort Lauderdale Breasts

Published on December 6, 2015

Breast implants can be placed completely below the chest muscle, though it is not commonly done. This process is known as placement of sub-pectoral breast implants.

When breast augmentation first became popular in the 1980s, breast implants were commonly placed above the muscle. This meant that the breast implants were placed between the chest wall muscle and the breast tissue. This worked well for some patients, but not for others.

In order to better serve those patients that were not well suited for above-the-muscle implant placement, implants were then placed partially below the muscle by many surgeons. By placing the implants below the muscle, there is an additional layer of natural tissue covering the implants.

Sub-pectoral breast implants are especially helpful for thin patients and patients with very little breast tissue. This helps patients with very small and thin breasts.

For more information about sub-pectoral breast implants, contact the Fort Lauderdale office of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Rodriguez.

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