Laser Resurfacing — Fort Lauderdale Age Spots

Published on August 15, 2015

Laser resurfacing can be an effective treatment for removal of pigmented lesions such as freckles or age spots (which can appear as brown spots or sun spots). It is important that a physician with knowledge of the skin such as a dermatologist assess any lesion before treatment with a laser to avoid treating things that will not respond, or that should not be treated with lasers, such as misdiagnosed skin cancer.

Laser resurfacing treatment of the skin does not pose a risk to general health, but it’s important to seek out experienced practitioners for your laser procedures. Contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Rodriguez before considering any laser resurfacing treatment to find out what potential complications accompany any treatment you are considering. With that said, getting laser treatment is considered one of the safer ways to maintain a youthful appearance.

Make sure the practice you’re considering for laser resurfacing uses only the best equipment on the market. Our Fort Lauderdale office features the CO2 laser wavelength, considered the “Gold Standard” for optimal treatment of sun-damaged skin.

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