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Published on October 30, 2015

Time can take a severe toll on our looks. With age come wrinkles, lines and sagging that can dramatically alter a man’s appearance. Smoking, exposure to the sun and stress are just some of the factors that can make things worse. For many of the guys who are concerned about the appearance of facial aging but don’t know where to turn, cosmetic facial surgery can be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Facial surgery procedures like the facelift lift and tighten the skin in order to rejuvenate your appearance. After a few incisions are made along the hairline, a facelift involves tightening the skin around the face to remove sagging and wrinkles.

It takes an experienced cosmetic surgeon like double-board-certified cosmetic and facial plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Rodriguez to ensure that the facelift procedure creates a natural appearance that is both satisfying to the patient and safe. Great care is vital in order to avoid the artificial, pulled-back look of some of the lower-quality procedures.

For more information about facial surgery, contact us at our office in Fort Lauderdale today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rodriguez.

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