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Published on November 6, 2015

Breast augmentation surgery has been constantly evolving over the years to provide patients with more-natural-looking results, the safest possible procedure and less downtime. The ultimate goal with a breast augmentation is to help each woman feel and look her best. In order to achieve this, some recovery time is required. When fully healed, women feel more confident and comfortable, leading to high satisfaction rates.

When it comes to a breast augmentation, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Rodriguez suggests planning the procedure in a way that will leave enough time before any big events, vacations or other pressing engagements. While Dr. Rodriguez will gladly do the procedure when patients request, he advises patients not to put themselves in a position where they won’t have enough recovery time to be ready to sport their new curves before their big event.

In general, the surgery will create swelling and bruising. Most of this is gone after the main two-week recovery time, but some residual effects can remain. Patients need at least a full month before they can show off their new assets.

Breast implants often sit high on the chest right after surgery. This is normal, and the implants will drop after the body has adjusted to their presence.

Women who schedule surgery without sufficient recovery time are likely to be less enthusiastic about their final look. Ideally, a six-to-eight-week window to heal and allow the implants to settle is preferred.

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