Botox Fort Lauderdale

Published on August 9, 2019

Botox injections are a massively popular non-surgical treatment against wrinkles. A relatively simple procedure that often takes less than 15 minutes, Botox injection targets facial muscles and prevents them from making the movements that create skin creases and lines.

The steps to Botox injections are straightforward: a small-gauged needle is used to inject measured quantities of Botox to precise points of the face. Injections are aimed at the specific muscles that are causing wrinkles. The number of injections needed depends on your facial features and extent of the wrinkles — for example, crow’s feet may take two to three injections, whereas furrows of the brow may take five or more.

There is no recovery time and no anesthesia, though results may take up to a week to take on their final form. Botox improvements typically last about three to four months.

The injection process seems short and simple, but there is a precise art and technique to it that requires the trained and knowledgeable hands of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Rodriguez.

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